Engagement & Wedding Ring Concierge

Your Dream Rings, Your Way: House Of Pearls Australia’s Bespoke Engagement and Wedding Ring Concierge Service

At House Of Pearls Australia, we believe that the journey to “I do” begins with a touch of magic – and that magic starts with your engagement and wedding rings. We are thrilled to introduce our bespoke engagement and wedding ring concierge service, tailored to turn your love story into an everlasting masterpiece. Contact Fiona today to start this exciting journey! Email: fiona@houseofpearls.com.au

Pictured Above: A recent project completed by Fiona. 1.3 Carat Diamond in platinum setting with platinum Knife cut band.

Meet Fiona, Your Jewellery Concierge

Fiona, the visionary behind House Of Pearls Australia, is more than just a jeweler – she’s your personal jewellery concierge. With a lifetime immersed in the world of fine jewellery, her expertise and dedication have earned her a reputation for creating exquisite, one-of-a-kind pieces. Fiona is here to transform your dreams into reality.

Our Bespoke Ring Offerings

Our bespoke engagement and wedding ring concierge service is as diverse as the love stories we celebrate:

  1. Engagement Rings: Your engagement ring is the embodiment of your commitment and devotion. With our concierge service, we guide you through every step, from selecting precious metals, diamonds, or other precious gems, to the design and creation of a ring that perfectly symbolizes your love.
  2. Wedding Bands: Your wedding bands are a continuous reminder of your promises. Our service is designed to ensure that your wedding bands are tailored to complement your engagement ring, or to shine as stand-alone pieces of art.
  3. Precious Gems: Whether you prefer the allure of genuine gemstones or the sustainable brilliance of lab-made gems, our concierge service can help you source the perfect stones for your rings.

All fine jewellery is stamped to authenticate and validate the Karat weight of metal (e.g. for 18K yellow gold) and all precious gems come with relevant certification during the acquisition process if needed. Once completed, your bespoke piece can then be appraised by an independent third party for the purpose of insurance, for which we can assist you with choosing a policy right for you from our trusted insurer.

Pictured Above: A recent project completed by Fiona: 18K Yellow Gold & Diamond Female and Male wedding bands

The Bespoke Experience

Creating a bespoke engagement or wedding ring with House Of Pearls Australia is a deeply collaborative process. Fiona, your dedicated jewellery concierge, will work closely with you to understand your vision, ensuring that every detail aligns with your unique preferences. From selecting the finest materials to crafting the perfect design, our service ensures that your rings reflect your individuality and love story.

Elevate your fine jewellery experience with our bespoke engagement and wedding ring concierge service. At House Of Pearls Australia, we understand that your love is unique, and your rings should be too. Contact Fiona today and let us bring your dreams to life – because your love story deserves a love that’s uniquely yours.