Hi, I’m Fiona, The Founder & Creator of A House Of Pearls Australia. Welcome to my world of Beautiful Pearl Jewellery! 

I am the mother of two beautiful daughters, fur mama to 3 dogs, I have a major weakness for anything sweet and I am super passionate about helping others. 

And I am obsessed with pearls and jewellery! 

I started my love affair for gems and jewellery design when I was only 15 years old working for a passionate and unique gemstone merchant. That led me down the path of exploring the industry from pearl and diamond grading to gem studies and design. My love of gemstones has taken me on a journey that has seen me work throughout the industry – and the world! 

Gems & Pearls are the jewels of the earth. Like us, each precious stone has a history, unique characteristics and their own story. Each stone has its own properties that can connect in with your feelings, emotions and values. Every piece of jewellery is as unique as you and can bring joy, beauty and inspiration to your life. 

Our jewellery is made to nourish and celebrate you and your story! Choose from our popular range of bespoke pieces or work with us to custom create a piece that is as original as you!

All of our pieces are designed and hand crafted with love and care using genuine gemstones and metals. We take time and care when choosing the gemstones we work with, ensuring they are of the highest quality. 

In 2014 I was inspired by my mother-in-law to create my own range of gemstone bracelets. Working together with her and the gemstones it established a special, fun and connected relationship between us which I cherished. Today I continue that journey bringing that joy and positive energy into every piece of jewellery I make. 

Our Values

  • To motivate others to have the confidence to be their unique self
  • To connect with others with authenticity, openness and fun
  • To create something with meaning and enduring value
  • To bring joy, beauty and love into our customers lives 

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